Cooper/Ember Pedigree

Maribelle\’s Get On Your Boots (M) Ch. GiZah\’s Heart Like Mine UKC Ch GiZah\’s Takin\’ Care of Bizzness AM Ch. GiZah\’s Jacks or Better Am Ch. Leatherneck Triple X Am Ch. Leatherneck Red Storm Rising
Am Ch. Bristol\’s Oasis
Bullpen\’s Precious Gem  
Dox n\’ Cana\’s Under The Lights    
GiZah\’s Bring On the Rain      
Ch. Maribelle\’s One Love CGN RN Ch. Ironbull\’s Road King Mr U\’s Music Man AM CH. Tailwynde\’s Double Dutch Tailwynde\’s CF Enforcer
Tailwynde\’s Hunky Dory
Fisher\’s All That Jazz Am Ch. Mr Fips
Am Ch. Larhaven\’s Sally Fisher
Ch. Ironbull\’s Ginger Rogers Ch Graniterun Gator Wear Tailwynde\’s Baron the Fifth
Graniterun\’s Red Hunter
Ch. Kllroy N. Ironbull\’s Mercedes Am. Ch Kilroy\’s Sonoma Sam
Am Ch. Oakridge Kiss to Kilroy
Ch. Ironbull\’s Sweet N\’ Sassy Jasmine Ch. Wonderbull\’s Big Boss (Swiss Import) Wonderbull\’s Al Pacino Torneto Vom Frankental
Frankental\’s Lady
Angelface of Yamina\’s Dynasty Big Mac Vom Frankental
Frankental\’s Denise
Ironbull\’s CSI Las Vegas Am Ch. Mr U\’s Music Man Am Ch. Tailwynde\’s Double Dutch
Fisher\’s All That Jazz
Ch. Ironbull\’s Ginger Rogers Ch. Graniterun Gator Wear
Ch. Kilroy n\’ Ironbull\’s Mercedes
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